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Front view jade pendant

Double Koru Emerald Jade Pendant

Double Koru Emerald Jade Pendant

2" Wide x 2" Tall

Matching Bead carved from the same stone
Klamath Mountains, California
Finished with soft plaited adjustable length cordage.

Excellent Translucency


This pendant is carved from a rare, dark emerald jade from the Klamath River, California. 


The shape for this pendant is inspired by the koru spriral pendants of Aotearoa. With this piece, I chose to have two tendrils spiraling towards each other, balanced by the negative space between them. For me, it represents the harmony that transcends dualism and connects the form and the formless.


Both of these images were taken in the studio. Please note that depending on the lighting, this pendant can appear very dark or glowing green (when backlit).

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