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Backlit front view of jade circle pendant

Northern California Jade Circle Pendant

Northern California Jade Circle Pendant

Klamath Mountains

2 3/8" Diamater
Mixed medium to high translucency
Finished with adjustable length plaited brown cordage.

This particular stone has a small hint of amber red and gold, transitioning to a deep earth brown, soft green and sky blue, elemental forces of fire, water, sky, earth and aether.

Each shape has its own feeling and character, something you can't fully understand until the shape is finished. Sometimes, the jade becomes luminous and feels like a union of sky and light, while others feel deeply rooted in the earth.
This pendant, carved from a unique multicolored Northern California nephrite jade, retains the feeling of stone... something ancient that formed before our ancestors were a distant idea, much less when they drew and carved the first circles.
The circle within a circle reminds me of so many things... phases of the moon, the form and the formless, ideas that have been expressed as long as people have creating with the materials around them.

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