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Wyoming Olive Manaia Pendant held at angle

Wyoming jade Manaia pendant

Wyoming jade Manaia Pendant

4" tall x 1.5" wide

Wyoming Porter Nephrite

Excelent translucency


Offered with adjustable length plaited black cordage.


A few years ago I came across a photo of a pounamu Manaia pendant, and it stuck with me as an elegant and dynamic design. At the time, it was well beyond my ability to carve, but a few months ago, I decided to give it a try.
I selected a slice of dark Wyoming jade to carve it from, and after many hours, this pendant emerged. I really appreciate the way the darkness of the jade gives way to an electric green when back-lit, bringing the design to life in the changing light.
Sadly, I don't know the name of the carver who shaped the piece in the photo (although after research it may be attributed to Shaun Gardiner), so I'd like to extend a broad thank you to all the carvers and artists in the world... your time and skills have been a huge support as I (and many others) explore and create with this lovely material.

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