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Celebrating the wild and unique expressions of nephrite jade 

The story of jade is a story about place, shared through the curves and creases of the ancient landscape we inhabit. After subduction, uplift and erosion, jade flows down rivers into our heart, giving form to the myriad expressions of our nature. For millennia, jade has been shaped, carved, admired and polished by people around the world, renowned for its beauty, durability and pleasing feel to the touch. Today it remains a rich and varied subject, presenting unique expressions from sources around the world. 

Northern California is home to a number of jade bearing streams, creeks and rivers, and from these came the name Six Rivers Jade. Shifting with the rise and fall of mountain flows, jade stacks up on river bars and can be found on the beach, waiting for the moment when one journey ends and a new one begins. 

2022-09-27 17.10_edited.jpg

A hand polished cobble of Six Rivers nephrite jade, presenting outstanding oxidized coloration. Photographed on a larger nephrite plate. 

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